is a podcast for this moment—what I like to call the Age of Authenticity. In it, I will speak to the people who have had a profound influence on me and those who share my many and varied interests. Someone once told me I was the most curious person they had ever met. I loved that, because I believe every single second of every day is an opportunity—not only to learn something new in the world but also an opportunity to learn something new about myself. My goal for THEOry is to discuss the things no one ever does. Real talk. The other side of glory. The sacrifice and the struggle. I know this, because I started in the entertainment business not at the bottom but below it. My life has put me in the unique position to see things honestly. No B.S. I give you my truth at all times. I am exactly who I say I am. On THEOry I’m going to find out exactly who everyone else is—the good, the bad and the ugly.

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I don’t have fans, I have family. Those who have supported me from the beginning of this journey that I started all the way at the bottom rung, are my motivation to keep climbing higher. That “family” that supports everything I do is my daily motivation to always be my authentic self and NEVER stop trying to be my best. 


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